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Paintings from the heart by 
Irisha Golovnina 
A Hand Painted Work of Art
Just send me your favourite photograph and I will do my best to create a wonderful painting for you.​​
My very warm welcome to you!
My name is Irina Petrova (known as artist Irisha). 
I specialise in portrait paintings from photographs. 
I am originally from Russia but have been living and working in the UK for many years.
Paintings and drawings have always been my passion and
in 2010 I started to do it professionally.
I work with pastels and coloured pencils.
I accept commissions for all sorts of portraits including,  dog portraits , cat portraits , horse portraits  ,  children portraits and   family portraits  .
I have very creative approach to my artwork and I am happy to combine different photos into one painting or add a bit of humour. Of course if you prefer I can produce a classic style portrait.

You can commission a portrait of a much-loved person, child or family. I would do my best to create a very special painting for you.  You can see more samples of my work in my People Gallery .

I use only high quality materials in my art works and will do my best to create for you a very detailed true to life portrait / painting. ​
A lot of my customers are situated far away from me but this is not a problem, all the communication can be done via e-mail or phone and when the portrait is ready and approved by the customer I can organise special delivery. 
Amazing gift for your family and friends! 

If you are looking for a unique present, a bespoke painting could be a really good idea!
Portraits are drawn from your photographs. It doesn’t matter whether they are digital or non-digital, I can work from both types.
It is very helpful if you can send me a selection of pictures which will give me a better idea of what a particular person or pet is really like.
If you would like a commission in time for a special occasion such as a birthday or Christmas please order in advance and let me know the deadline.

I can combine characters/subjects from different photos into one painting.
If you would like to commission a portrait or have got any questions please contact me .

Heading 1

If  a classic style portrait is not for you, I am happy to create a scene using different photos that I can  combine into one painting. Surrounding, accessories and other details can be added to the characters. We will need to have a preparation discussion and sort out the right photos and also discuss a lot of details but the results can be quite fascinating! 
Here you can see a few samples of my creative portraits/paintings.
Here they are the famous Squiddly, Diddly and Freddie! Simon Cowell's favourite dogs :), ready to watch Britain's Got Talent.

This painting called "Bus Stop" was inspired by the incredible character of an English Bulldog.
I really enjoyed creating this painting and was very happy with the final result.

​​Here are some close up pictures to demonstrate how detailed the paintings are.
The more details I can see on the photos, the more detailed painting I can create.
Another creative painting of mine is called "Family" and represents a very sophisticated family of Basset Hounds. 
Here are a few details of the painting

Good to Know:

Having a Cat Around Makes You Both Feel Better
Research has revealed that when a cat interacts with her depressed human, she can discern whether her owner is sad or anxious. She then reacts by increasing her communication signals – perhaps rubbing against the owner more aggressively or meowing loudly.
This strong reaction is obvious to the cat owner. It’s comforting to know a loved one, whether on two legs or four, has noticed you don’t feel well and shows concern for your welfare.
Research indicates that while our partners are the ones who make our good moods better, our cats are as capable as our partners are of helping us through feelings of anxiety, depression and fear.
“Both the cat’s presence and their interactions can reduce bad moods. 
Researchers demonstrated that cats form attachments to their owners similar to the way infants attach to their mothers (or fathers). When their humans were in the room with them, the kitties in the study were more relaxed and willing to explore an unfamiliar environment.
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